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Who is doing Machine Learning in Gothenburg?

As a master student majoring in Machine Learning I've tried to research what companies and institutions in Gothenburg that is involved in Machine Learning/Big data/Data analysis. I was looking for future work place and trying to understand how the community in GBG worked.

I thought I would share what I've found. This list is probably not complete and I would love to add information about your company or research group as well as update or change the information given below. The Machine Learning community in Gothenburg is not big which partly motivates this summary.

The community

Recently, Karina Bunyik, started a meetup group for Machine Learning Gothenburg found here that I'm now co-organizing. There will be seminars introducing the basics of Machine Learning and hopefully presentations from the industry on applications.

Sadly, that it is besides what Chalmers offers. The ML group at the Computer Science department is called LAB and announces seminars on this link. I find it useful to skim once a month or so. Not to long ago LAB helped arrange a Seminar on Big Data at Chalmers indicating that the community is growing.


Chalmers offers a couple of interesting courses. Nothing in data mining but some in statistics and theoretical ML.


Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a startup company headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in Arlington, VA and Gothenburg, Sweden. Their team includes computer scientists, statisticians, linguists, and technical business people with deep expertise in areas such as intelligence and security. They`re committed to organizing the web in a radically new and useful way.

I have heard, and seen job ads, indicating them looking for Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers. Their dataset contains billions of texts and the tool they are developing is a way to analyze it.

I know they have had collaborations with Chalmers LAB group in exchanging data.

Jobs here: RF


Findwise uses search technology to increase your data quality. Our motto is "right information, to the right person, at the right time". We have had over 300 successful project in different industries and areas:

Also, as Recorded Future they have had collaborations with Chalmers LAB group.

On their website they announce that they are looking for thesis students in Machine Learning here. I recall one thesis-description including experimenting with word2vec.


Burt provides intelligence and analytics to digital publishers, turning big data into insight, action and revenue. Our platform is built to support digital media owners, rather than online marketing and e-commerce. We combine detailed media measurement, powerful big data capabilities and beautiful data visualizations.

Compared to the two previous companies Burt is a pure startup in company culture. It is hard to understand how they are using Machine Learning but they seem to be running A/B-tests and use some type of large NoSQL-database for their 700TB data. That indicates to me that they are one of few interesting companies to mention in a summary as this.

An old thesis of a evaluation of storage of large data can be found here and 2014 this thesis was announced link


Tajitsu is a predictive customer analytics platform for progressive marketing teams. We help companies find high-value customers, and keep them coming back. Tajitsu turns data into results!

Tajitsu is focusing on helping Casino-companies understand their data. Meaning that they build Machine Learning-models they selll business-to-business. No job advertisements out but they are looking for Machine Learning engineers.


Aitellu delivers Insight Analytics of Big data to give you information detecting anomalies and nascent trends, helping you to act on the things that make a difference.

Heavily connected with Tajitsu as the people behind Tajitsu left Aitellu to start their own business. One of the algortihms used at Aitellu is a so called evolutionary algortihm. As for jobs: they where looking for python-developer with knowledge in AI


Dreamler's mission is to enable people to experience true efficiency and constant improvement, across all projects. Our product harnesses the competitiveness, speed, and seamless teamwork of multiplayer games to realize your biggest ideas.

I'm not sure what data Dreamler has but this blog post indicates that they are at least interested in Machine Learning http://blog.dreamler.com/machine-learning-in-dreamler/


Music streaming service

Spotify do have an office in Gothenburg, but no team focusing on Machine Learning. The recommender system-team is located in NYC and former EchoNest in Boston. However, I'm working as a Data Engineer (in Gothenburg) doing data analysis on our large dataset from a performance perspective.